Hey readers,

Well...first of all, let's start out with an apology.  It's been way, WAY in the hell too long since the last time I posted.  Now, there are various reasons why I've been neglecting the website (95% finishing the new book and 5% general laziness). 

Anyway, I'm gonna be turning in my new book in a couple days (author's note: holy crap!) and I'll get back to my old blogging routine after that.  Or not.  We'll just see how the creative muse strikes me. 

But as long as we're on the subject of the new book, here's some thoughts about it:

Thoughts about my new book: 

1.  I like it. 
2.  I have been assured that it will be out in a year or so. 
3.  My mom likes it, too. 

So there you have it.  My next book is gonna kick ass.  More details as they become available. 

Okay, I'm gonna talk about the LA Times Book Festival in a bit more detail in a sec here, but for those of you who don't live in LA or just didn't feel like spending your Saturday in Westwood, here's a youtube clip of what you missed. 

Some thoughts about the clip: 

1.  Sweet Christ John Green had a long autograph line. 
2.  I had an autograph line after my panel as well. 
3.  Technically, two people count as a line. 
4.  I have no goddamn idea why the people who made this video talk about mustard so much, but the video is in focus so let's focus on the positives. 


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