Hello readers,

Well, we've had a good run with www.dixienguyen.com, but change is a part of life, and this website shall heretofore be known as www.benjaminesch.com.

Now, what does this change mean for you? 


1.  Why did you change the name? 

Because my agent told me to, and he's really smart. 

2.  Any other reasons? 

Well, spelling "nguyen" tripped up quite a few people, and supposedly making people feel illiterate doesn't really help them get into the proper "book buying" mind set. 

3.  Are you sure you just didn't want a website named after you? 

Yeah, well...that is pretty cool, actually. 

4.  But why isn't the website www.benesch.com, then? 

Because www.benesch.com belongs to an architectural firm in the midwest...and they have quite a deal more money than I do. 

5.  What about all the stuff you had on dixienguyen.com?  Did it all disappear into the abyss of the internet or something? 

No need to panic.  All the old stuff on dixienguyen.com is now on benjaminesch.com.  Even the old Michael Jackson videos.  This website transfer was a professional operation.   (Author's note:  well, at least everything will be moved over eventually.  We're still working out a few kinks, but seriously, everything's going to be cool.  You don't need to leave me for anothe author website.  This is just a small bump in the road, I promise.  We're going to be stronger because of this.  I just know it). 

6.  When are you going to announce the winner of the cat joke contest

Soon.  But let's stay on task here.  

7.   What happens if I type in dixienguyen.com? 

Well, you're supposed to be magically transported to benjaminesch.com somehow, but that still hasn't worked out quite right because the internet is confusing.  Anyway, it should get fixed real soon.    

Welcome to the new benjaminesch.com.  I promise the exact same caliber of jackassery as the old website.  Just with a slightly easier to spell name. 

1/13/2009 09:43:52 pm

FYI there, Ben Esch. Esch is not the easiest name to spell either. And what about the people who can spell perfectly well? Hmm? yah, i thought so. Are we expected to just play dumb along with the rest of the world?

1/13/2009 09:46:41 pm

I should really learn to complete all of my thoughts BEFORE hitting submit.

Benesch makes really nice bridgey type things. I wonder... if you ever came across a bridge that they had built, and it had their name on it, like, you know "this is another Benesch project" would you take your picture beside it, and pretend it was named after you? If there was no chance of them sueing (sp??) you, that is.

1/15/2009 07:24:01 am

Congrats on the newish website. Nguyen was a trip up for me...I kept spelling noogie...Does Dixie get a noogie in the book?


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