"Like getting kicked in the nuts by Mark Twain."  Adam Rex, author of "The True Meaning of Smekday." 


So, I wrote a book.  Any takers? 

Who: Dixie Nguyen (no, not Nig Goo Yun) a.k.a. Pixie Dick (to the large, cruel, and athletically gifted) a.k.a. the lead (and only) reporter for the school newspaper
What: A chance for Dixie to scoop the biggest drug scandal in the history of high school athletics--provided that he can stay out of juvenile hall, the hospital, and New-Age therapy long enough to piece his story together.
When: Homecoming week
Stilton, California. Population: 5,864.Vietnamese Population:Dixie Nguyen
How: Using the power of investigative reporting--along with a little help from a cheerleader-turned-goth, menopausal journalism teacher, and maybe even the hippie school counselor named Huggy Bear.
Why: Because the Pulitzer would look pretty sweet on a college application.

And here's a video of me reading cat jokes. 

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Available 2/24/09 from the fine folks at Disney-Hyperion