Should I buy your book?

Yes.  Yes you should. 

Really?  Is there any vampire romance?  Wizards?  Romantic vampire wizards?  

Uhh...not so much.  But my mom likes it a lot, and you know she wouldn't lie. 

Okay, so where do I buy it then?

There's a few options here: 
1.  Local bookstore (you know, support small businesses and all that).  Also, while you're over there pick up some  stationery.  Nothing says "classy professional" like stationery. 
2.  Big bookstore or other place that sells books (Barnes and Nobles, Wal*Mart, Costco, etc.)  Bonus point for Costco: the chicken bakes in the food court.  Do yourself a favor and pick one of those up after you buy the book.  You earned it, partner. 
3.  Online (a.k.a the place where facebook and pornography live): Click here for and here for Amazon.