Who wrote this book? 

This guy. 

Who is that handsome devil?

Ben Esch. 

And how can I learn more about him?

Well, here's his author bio:
    While writing Sophomore Undercover, Ben Esch slept on a fold-out sofa in his parents' basement, gained thirty pounds, and developed a crippling fear of raccoons.  The author did not date much during this period. 
    Ben now lives in Los Angeles and sleeps in an actual bed.  Chase your dreams, kids. 

He's really scared of raccoons?

And dolphins.  It's kind of a long story. 

So, how can I be his friend?

You can start by buying his book.  The author likes that.  Also, compliment his facial hair.  He's pretty sensitive about that. 

Uhh...I meant "friend" in more of an online/social networking kinda way. 

Oh.  The author is cool with that, too.  Add him here for myspace and here for facebook.  He's pretty desperate to increase his friend numbers at this point, so he'll pretty much take anyone.  Do you have a crappy band?  Your step-father just make a myspace page?  Are you Tila Tequila?  Great, send those invitations along.