Divine Intervention

When I was in college, I used to work the graveyard shift as a security guard.  Besides having to wear polyester pants (not flattering for my body type) and the constant delirium of sleep deprivation, it was a pretty sweet gig. 

One of the best parts of the job (besides the nightly trip to Jack in the Box for 99 cent tacos) was playing flash games in the break room.  Divine Intervention was one of my favorite games from that time, and I spent a solid week of my lunches trying to kill that huge flying-trash-monster thing at the end of the second level.  Anyway, this game is awesome.  You will love it. 

Reasons that Divine Intervention kicks ass: 

1.  You are a priest with an uzi that kills zombies.  Go ahead and read that sentence again. 
2.  You can shoot that annoying little guy in a white suit who gives you the gun upgrade at the end of the first level.  For some reason I always found that satisfying. 
3.   There is a flying-trash-monster

Don't play this at work or school, as it is insanely violent.  Unless your work is cool with that kind of stuff, in which case, bravo on your career choices. 

Click here to play Divine Intervention.  The game is hosted at the incredible www.newgrounds.com

Kung Fu Remix

Kung Fu" was one of the first games I remember for the original Nintendo.  Mainly I just remember that this bastard was hard.  And that dwarfs attacked you by hugging your leg.  Ah, the simple batshit insanity of old 8-bit games.  I miss those days. 

Anyway, "Kung Fu Remix" is awesome for the following reasons:
1.   Jump kicks make the enemies heads fly off in a spray of red pixels and I think that's neat. 
2.   Punching someone in the dick  gets a fairly accurate reaction...I guess.  Nobody's ever really punched me in the dick before.  Either way, it's entertaining to watch it in the video game. 
3.   There's specials moves...supposedly. 

Yeah, too many midgets humped my leg and killed me before I could figure out how to do the special moves.   This game is still ridiculously hard.  But, there's still enough heads flying around and dick punching to keep things interesting. 

Play "Kung Fu Remix" here.    I found this, and a bunch of other neat games at www.classicarcadegames.com