According to Google analytics, is huge in Norway.  HUGE!

Wow.  What an honor.  And though both Finland and Sweden hold a special place in my heart, I have to say that Norway has always been my favorite Scandinavian country.   You Norwegians are a class act. 

So, on behalf of, I would like to offer a hearty "Gledelig Jul" (Merry Christmas) and "tussen takk" (thank you) to my Norwegian friends for visiting the website. 

Author's note:  this is an actual Norwegian.

1/12/2009 10:16:05 am

I think that's noted YA writer <a href="">John Green</a>

1/13/2009 08:10:11 am

Will he marry me?

1/14/2009 09:17:46 am

We forever shall call you by your proper name, Sir Benjamin.

That was smart because as we know I can't spell anything and the chance of finding you again with ngyuen was nill. Smart Steve:)

1/14/2009 09:22:18 am

Paul: My norwegian friend does look quite a bit like John Green. You know who else looks like John Green? My brother without a mustache. It's spooky.

Danny: How come this dude's getting marriage proposal love and nothing for me? Come on! My name is in the title of the website for god's sake. Where's my stalker love?

Jill: I could get down with Sir Benjamin. I've always dug that name, but I'm all about saving people time and syllables in conversation so I'll just stick with Ben.

And yes, Steve is very smart. Next to love of cats and ability to collect bobble head memorabilia, I think intelligence is his strongest attribute.

1/17/2009 12:16:07 pm

Hey! Who are your other fans in Norway? I do not feel special anymore :(

2/2/2012 02:59:28 pm

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