Now, before we get any further with this blog, I think I need to make one thing absolutely clear. has a firm stance against animal cruelty

That being said, this video of Lou Ferrigno dressed up like Hercules and slapping the sweet bejeezus out of a bear made me really, really happy. 

I saw this video at filmdrunk.  Filmdrunk is spectacular, by the way.  Give them a look. 

I'd say more about this video, but I don't really see how I could improve it in anyway, so I'm just going to sit back and reflect for a second. 


Still reflecting. 

Holy crap was it awesome when he threw that bear into space.


I think I'd like to get a podcast going.  Any suggestions for guests? 

4/13/2009 06:53:30 am

Holy crap...... I have nothing to say other than that.

After that I say your first guest for the podcast should be Lou Ferrigno.

4/13/2009 12:56:45 pm

It's time to dust off the flying bear for the podcast.

not doyle
4/13/2009 01:01:40 pm

i think you should interview doyle. or the guy in silverlake with the chiwowow and the hot pants

not doyle 2
4/13/2009 03:35:37 pm

Doyle should be on the first person you interview on the podcast.

Then the silverlake walker.

Then the trash monster.

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