As many of you know, my book "Sophomore Undercover," was released yesterday. 

And for some of you, this may have lead to the following quandary--

The following quandary:  "“I wish there was some way I could help Ben with his book launch but I just don’t know what to do.”  

Well, dear friend, let me tell you how you can do just that. 

WAYS TO HELP BEN WITH HIS BOOK LAUNCH (author's note: these are ranked from least to most effort required)

1.    Buy the book. 

Granted, that’s a pretty simple step, but it’s really how this whole book selling thing works. 

2.    Tell people that you like the book. 

How many people is up to you.  I mean, I’d prefer you tell everyone you know, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to become a door-to-door salesman for my book or whatever.  Unless you want to…I really don’t want to put constraints on anyone’s ambition here.   

3.    Write a review for Sophomore Undercover on Amazon/Goodreads/etc.

Interesting fact:  the current rating for Sophomore Undercover on is 2.5 stars. 

To put this in perspective: the current rating for Hitler’s Mein Kampf is 2.8 stars.

Granted, my ratings comprise a slightly smaller representative sample, but if you belong to Goodreads and think that I'm not as bad as Hitler, a little "Sophomore Undercover" love would be appreciated. 

4.    Raise some ruckus at the bookstores around your area if they don’t carry "Sophomore Undercover."

Don't do anything crazy, though.  We’re talking a manageable amount of ruckus here.  You know, “ruckus” was probably a bad choice of words.  Let’s start this again. 

4A.  Encourage local bookstores to carry "Sophomore Undercover." 

And if that doesn't work, you have my full blessing to cause ruckus. 

5.    Airbrush “Dixie Nguyen is my homeboy” on the hood of your car. 

Because that would be pretty cool. 

More book launch news:

A lot of people have been very cool to me with the book launch, but I wanted to give a special thanks to Twitter celebrity Jim Richmond and Paul from the "I like this blog so much I go there everyday" Murphblog for all their support the last few days. 

You guys are awesome.  If I was Stephanie Meyers rich, I would send you both a pony. 

But I'm not Stephanie Meyers rich, so I'm just gonna name a couple of characters in my next book after you two. 

Personally, I would rather have the pony, but such is life.

Doyle Denton-Brown
2/26/2009 02:27:30 am

Another option that i've been angling for is find super hot liberians (who are in charge of buying books for large libraries) seduce them and make babies with them. When these sexy librarians asks what i want to name OUR baby i will say "BEN ESCH" she'll ask why and i'll tell her that Ben Esch wrote a really awesome book a few years back (this is a long term strategy) and he is now my favorite author. This conversation will remind her that she should buy about 3000 copies of the book for the library and all the beautiful children we are about to have together.

2/26/2009 09:07:16 am

No. Thank you, Ben Esch.

Without your book, I'd have little to blog about. Without your book, my v-log would have been me doing something lame like talking about how hard it is to look right into the camera. Without your book, I would not have just experienced the singular sensation of laughing while sitting on the toilet (I mean really, how often does one laugh while taking a dump? Self-loathing is my usual emotion.)

Oh, and if you'd gotten me a pony, I'd have to buy some property and I can't afford any property.

Having a character named after me is more than awesome. I'm sure you're not taking requests (because that would probably be pushing it) but if you are I'd like to be one of the following:

1. The incredibly witty sidekick.
2. The incredibly vulgar friend.
3. The victim of some horrific event.


For everything.

2/26/2009 09:43:50 am

So jealous of you right now, Paul Michael Murphy.
I suppose i could have a v-log, if i wanted one, but what's the point of that, if you've already v-logged about Ben Esch's book, Sophmore Undercover?

Oh, Doyle Denton Brown, good plan, elaborate as it is. Question, do you know any ACTUAL hot librarians? Does that sort of thing exist outside of soft porn? Same as hot nurses. Most i know arent that hot. And they're a little cranky.

2/26/2009 09:39:49 pm

I don't know any hot librarians. I do, however, belong to GoodReads. And I know a bunch of ninjas. I could send them on secret missions to mow the words "Sophomore Undercover ROKS!" on people's lawns.

Ninjas aren't very good at spelling. It's just a fact of life.

2/26/2009 10:04:31 pm

I have to disagree, Carrie. Click on the link, and you'll find a ninja that does spell very well, and who's very well read.

2/26/2009 10:57:02 pm

Paul Michael Murphy -- actually, your pony would be perfectly fine living in your house. That's where mine lived until he died one day and he was just fine for those two months.

But, I guess it doesn't matter because Ben Esch said he isn't getting you a pony... but maybe he's just trying to throw you off and he secretly is getting you a pony. I want another pony.

2/27/2009 01:01:14 am

I just saw the book cover at another blog...looks great!! Congrats!

Paul Michael Murphy
2/27/2009 05:25:06 am

chris--that first paragraph made me spit out some grape Kool-Aid. Then I coughed a lot and the Kool-Aid somehow got into my nose. So now I'm smelling grape Kool-Aid. So what I'm trying to say is, thanks.

Doyle Denton-Brown
3/2/2009 08:22:49 am


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