Little known fact about Ben Esch: for some reason, people ask me to perform weddings.  Yeah, I don’t really understand it either. 

But, somebody asked me to do it again, so I’m gonna put on my fake preacher hat for the next few days and get a couple of very cool people hitched up.  Blog updates might be a little slow for the next few days (this fake preaching stuff is surprisingly hard work.  It’s like the coal mining of the clergy set) but know that all of you are in my thoughts. 

Also, if you know anybody that’s looking for an affordable minister, please keep me in mind.  It’s always best to have a career back up plan. 

And while we're on the subject of weddings, please give this video a look.  Just to be clear,
6/26/2009 06:45:06 am

fake preacher, eh? my brother is one, as well. tho he just writes sermons, he hasnt been asked to do a wedding yet.

6/30/2009 05:56:17 am

I hope you will be wearing an appropriate sweater for the ceremony!
And don't push the bride into the pool!
You should sneak in "And do you promise to read Sophomore Undercover to one another..."

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