Hey readers,

I've announced quite a few contests the last few days, and I thought it was time to do a little housekeeping and announce the winners.  So let's get going. 

1.  The Sophomore Undercover Video Game Challenge

I watched that old Fred Savage movie "The Wizard" in my hotel over the weekend, and I got to thinking that even the mentally challenged Nintendo prodigy from the movie couldn't beat the Sophomore Undercover Video Game. 

And then I got this win screen sent to me from Paul and Dan. 

And my world got turned upside down. 

Anyway, I need to figure out a prize to send to Paul and Dan, but seeing as I thought beating the game would never happen, I never actually got around to thinking up anything.  You guys got any ideas? 

Please submit suggestions in the comments.   And, you know, keeping it under ten bucks and not creepy would be appreciated. 

2. The winner of the first annual Murph Blog Say What contest: 

Is Angela.  Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy the grand prize...a signed copy of Sophomore Undercover!  Granted, it's going to be signed by Paul from the Murph Blog, but I still think that's pretty exciting.  

Check out her winning submission and the rest of the entries at the Murph Blog

Particular big ups are to be given to benjaminesch.com readers for their submissions, especially the "I crap flat pennies" line.  Genius. 

3.  The winners of the Katie Darby Rock and Roll haiku cage match.

Are Kelly and Dan.  Check out their winning entries on Katie's blog

Now, as some of you may remember, I talked a good deal of mess about how I was going to win this contest.  In fact, I was so confident in my Adam Duritz poems, that I threw down a little extra incentive if I lost to anyone who came from benjaminesch.com. 

Well, as it turns out, in addition to writing award winning poetry, both Kelly AND Dan are also readers of my blog.  So...yeah.  This is me paying up. 

Poems about Kelly and Dan's Haiku superiority


Kelly Polark is
way much better at Haiku
Tasty rock poem


Dan Amend fan club
I used to be a member
And now am once more

Congratulations, guys.  And thank you for teaching me valuable lessons about humility and syllable counting.

And now, some website news: 

Website news

1.  I just got back from the ABA winter institute in Salt Lake City, and welcome to the new blog readers who I met at the conference.  Wait, I do have new readers from the conference, right?  I mean, I wrote down my website like five hundred times in the last few days.  If that doesn't drum up some traffic, I am going to lose my mind. 

Anyway, the conference was a lot of fun.  I met a gaggle of booksellers, had some laughs, ate some really bad sushi, and signed books until I hallucinated from the Sharpie fumes.  I will write all about this in the next few days and it is going to be a massive post.  So, be ready for that.

2.  I am on Twitter now.  Does anyone here do that?  If anyone's interested in following me, I'm at  http://twitter.com/benesch

3.  Thanks for the tremendous response to the Sophomore Undercover Video Game.  Website traffic has really surged the last few days, and I know it's because of you awesome people spreading the word. 

So thanks, guys.  I really appreciate all the help. 

And a special thanks to Adam Rex and Katie Darby for blogging about the game, and to Jim Richmond for posting on so many message boards.  That was tremendous.

2/2/2009 12:38:14 pm


2/3/2009 03:18:02 am

Sweet! I won the haiku contest! Thanks for writing the only haiku ever with my name on it, and also thank you for the link to the contest, Ben!
I think you should send your video game winners a nice prize of socks.

2/3/2009 05:54:27 am

Ben, you are not only a member of the Dan Amend Fan Club, you are the founder. You even made a t-shirt to wear, remember? A white shirt on which you hand wrote "Fan of Dan." Right? You still have that shirt?

Tony Fraguero
2/3/2009 03:44:14 pm

Great prize = whatever dentist meds <A href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txqiwrbYGrs">this kid</A> is on.

Tony Fraguero
2/3/2009 03:51:30 pm

damn your site and its lack of html friendliness. to me at least. so much for leaving clean, crisp links on your comments section.

2/5/2009 01:08:23 am

Ha! Ha! Fan of Dan!

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