Good news, readers! has been named the blog of the week over at Alice's CWIM.

This is awesome!  I'm finally an award winning writer!  I effing rule!  

(Author's note:  Sorry.  I kinda don't handle positive recognition all that well.  If I ever win the Printz I'm probably gonna end up spiking the trophy and flipping off Sherman Alexie.) 

(Author's note to the Printz committee:  Uhh...I was just kidding about that last thing.  Seriously.  Please don't let this influence your vote.) 

(Author's note to Sherman Alexie:  I loved Smoke Signals.  Wait...there's no goddamn way Sherman Alexie reads my blog.)

Anyway, please cruise over to Alice's blog and check out the feature and the rest of her very cool website.  The link is here

Alice said I looked "cute" in this picture.  And I think that's awesome.

12/13/2008 11:00:43 am

Congrats on blog of the week! Your interview was so, um , interesting that I'm checking it out!

12/14/2008 08:48:21 am

Love the blog and congrats. I've added you to my blog list, so I'll be reading regularly. It's inspirational that a person with your sense of humor published a book. Gives me hope for mine. Can't wait to read it.
And for what it's worth, I completely agree about Tom Hanks. I mean, I rip on my wife for having an account. Now she can say, "Well, Tom Hanks has one." Thanks a lot, Tom.

Daniel J. Fitzgerald
12/16/2008 04:03:40 am

You give me inspiration and hope. I've been working on publishing a book on original cat jokes. So far my manuscript has approx. 15 pages worth of serious A-Class orginal material. It's all family friendly. This has been a work in progress for the last 7 years. I had to scratch a lot of the jokes after the musical cats fell off the mainstream radar. I think in another 6 months i will be ready to shop this around. What are your suggestions for me? I want to get published and maybe someday also win an award. Can you help? Will you pass this on to your agent? Can we do lunch?

D.J. Fitz

12/16/2008 04:10:09 am

Are you still in Mexico?

12/16/2008 04:22:14 am

i have a blog. what awardz can i win?

Nick DB
12/16/2008 05:47:35 am

Am I allowed to comment on comments? Cuz Wheeler's comment was top notch stuff!

12/17/2008 11:09:11 am

Nick, you cannot.

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