Hey readers,

I'm pretty sure we got all the kinks worked out on the switch to www.benjaminesch.com and I think that everything is working at full speed.  So, big ups to the fine technical support folks at weebly.com and godaddy.  You guys are awesome. 

Now, as the title suggests, we got a lot of really exciting stuff coming up for the website.  Let me break it down: 

1.  "Sophomore Undercover" is coming out in 41 days! 

Actually that's a little more "Dear god I think I just pooped myself a little" scary than exciting, but still...the book release is going to be a pretty big moment for the website. 

2.  New videos. 

The cat joke video is getting edited by industry professionals/the LOL brother as we speak.

3.  The Dixie Nguyen video game. 

Yes, I just said the Dixie Nguyen video game.  This is really going to happen. 

Pretty cool, right?  How about a screen shot? 

I don't want to brag too much, but I'm gonna go ahead and do it anyway. 

Me bragging:  The Dixie Nguyen video game is the best promotional flash video game about a book in the history of the world. 

Yes, it's way better than the "Looking For Alaska" video game.   I feel very confident saying that. 

I think this game is awesome, and just as soon as I figure out how to post this  on my website (author's note: the internet is confusing) hopefully you guys will think it's pretty neat, too. 

1/14/2009 11:21:44 am

I was going to first congratulate you on the new site, but screw that--a video game?

A flipping video game?!

1. I see that your game looks like Frogger. Does it also have sweet Frogger-like music and make that cool splat sound when the character dies?

2. Where will I be able to find cheat codes? (Because playing a game without cheat codes is for people who like challenges and challenging stuff sucks.)

1/14/2009 11:03:47 pm

Ben. I have not yet received my TOTALLY FREE BOOK. Not that i'm complaining, please don't think that, but.. how am i supposed to read it, and pass on the wonderful news about how good it is, in less than 41 days? (of course, i suppose reading it is not a prerequisite, but what if people ask me challenging questions, like 'what about that part on page 42. Do you think he should have said/did/thought what he did?')

checking mail every day

Your biggest presale fan


1/15/2009 02:37:28 am

Paul: Yes, it is very reminiscent of Frogger, though different in many fundamental ways (my legal team told me I had to say this). No cheat codes, though. This is a straight test of your skills as a video gamer/man.

Monica: The books will be there soon. I think. I talked with people who know things, and supposedly the books are ALMOST printed. Like, we're talking a matter of days on them getting finished, and as soon as that's done, some unpaid intern somewhere will be attaching the postage and sending those out. Sorry for the delay. I tell you what, I'll tell all you guys when the books got shipped, so you don't need to do this checking the mailbox every day stuff. Because I know that's annoying.

1/15/2009 03:35:13 am

Ben.... ok, i'll accept that. Here is my strategy. As soon as i get the book, i'll tell people how excited i am about it, and how i'm going to set aside time in my day just to read this fine piece of literature. Then as i start reading, i'll read especially compelling excerpts aloud, to whomever happens to be nearby. WHen people ask, i'll say... oh..no, sorry, its not quite available, but it will be, soon. "can i borrow your copy?" they'll ask... and i'll say..oh..i dont know.. i'm kind of partial to my book collection. And this is a collector's item, you know. .. but you can get one on amazon. how's that for a strategy?

oh... when you answered Paul Michael Murphy (no relation, btw) I read 'video gentleman' not 'video gamer/man'. lol... reminds me of the time i misread a sign at a bookstore that said "teachers and lesbians, 20% off"... turns out the sign actually said librarians..ah well.

oh, and i don't mind checking the mail every day, it is attached to the side of my house. It would actually be more work not to check it. I'm just being annoying.

7/31/2011 04:37:11 pm

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