Me and Michael "Simon Bloom: The Gravity Keeper" Reisman are going to be doing a writing workshop this Sunday. 

We're going to be talking about how to write for a guy audience (author's note: I'm pretty sure the majority of this audience will be watching the Super Bowl) and there's gonna be plenty of high level advice and knowledge darts flying around, so be ready for that.  Also, they have some really nice scones in the attached coffee shop.  And the first person to come up and ask for a scone gets one courtesy of  Just don't be greedy and get one of the fancy ones with fruit and sprinkles and stuff.  I'm not made of money.

Here's the details on the workshop: 

When:  Sunday, February 7th at 4 PM. 
Where:  Flintridge Bookstore in lovely La Canada/Flintridge, California. 
What:  Me and Michael Reisman talking about writing. 
Should I RSVP?  Yes, totally.  Send an email to 

Now, I realize that most of you who read this blog either A) don't live in California or B) would prefer to watch football, so I'll be posting a recap of all the stuff we talk about.  But, for those of you who feel like some writerly good times on a Sunday afternoon, I will see you there.   
2/4/2010 03:16:23 pm

Can't wait for the recap! I'm Texan, meaning that the apocalypse couldn't keep me from a football game, but I think it's probably a little more kosher to use the whole 'I'm in Southern Illinois' excuse here. :)

Enjoying the recent posts!

2/5/2010 08:07:39 am

I will be there but I don't want to get with any darts...even if they are knowledge darts. I MIGHT be interested in a tamer game of knowledge dodgeball...

12/23/2010 04:28:15 pm

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9/21/2011 12:00:02 pm

I will be there but I don't want to get with any darts...even if they are knowledge darts

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