There are three things that are almost never funny: 

1.  Soccer. 
2.  Interpretive dance. 
3.  Germany. 

Yet somehow, when they're all mixed together, something truly magical happens: 

Wow.  I had always kind of assumed that it would have sucked to be alive during the 70s, but this video has gone a long way to change my mind. 

I found this video over at (a.k.a the funniest sports blog in the universe).

12/17/2008 01:36:08 am

Interpretive dance is ALWAYS funny

12/17/2008 11:11:40 am

How many books did you end up sending out?

12/17/2008 11:14:18 am

i have to beg to differ about germany not being funny. how do you explain hitler? i'm not trying to say his actions are any way humorious, but hitler as a construct is pretty hillary. VW bugs might be the sillest effing car ever skat porn? the fact that germans get their jollys from skat porn?

12/21/2008 11:00:01 am

The guy with the white and rainbow outfit was my favourite. I kept expecting him to fall out of his shorts, tho.....

from someone who WAS alive during the 70's.....

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