The very cool Katie Darby at the equally neat Katie Recommends is running a "write a haiku about rock stars" contest over at her blog.  I'd recommend you guys check it out and enter some poems. 

Still on the fence?  Well, here's some reasons to enter the contest anyway:

Reasons to enter the haiku contest:

1.  Contests are fun.
Just think of all the fun you guys had entering the Murph blog caption contest.  (Author's note: whoever wrote the "crap flat pennies" line deserves a hug and a handshake.  Bravo sir, bravo.)  Now, you guys can keep those good times rolling.  Just over at Katie's blog this time. 
2.  The prize is a t-shirt. 
And not just any t-shirt, but a fancy vintage-like t-shirt from the folks at
3.  Haikus are easy. 
Haiku = one line with five syllables, one line with seven syllables, one line with five syllables.  They're like the refrigerator magnet poems of ancient Japanese literature.
4.  You will be competing against me. 
That's right.  I am personally entering this contest, and any reader of that triumphs over me in the haiku contest is going to get a few special bonus prizes. 

The Bonus Prizes:

1.  My respect. 
2.  My fear. 
3.  A haiku written by me about how much better you are at writing poetry. 

But I must to warn you: I got some pretty tasty poems about Adam Duritz of Counting Crowes fame lined up and I play to win. 

Anyway, go check out the contest and good luck with your entries. 

1/26/2009 05:20:47 am

omg! This contest was made for me! I'm a poet, and I love love love rockstars! I'm going to go over to that blog and rock it!

1/26/2009 05:26:40 am

Kelly: I was thinking this contest would be really good for you and Paul and Tracy. I guess I'm just a little bit sad, because this means I'm probably not going to win that haiku contest anymore. Oh well. I stand by my series of Adam Duritz poems.

1/26/2009 10:22:19 am

I always wondered what the allure of Duritz was. Maybe he's really funny! But then again, he's a singer of a band and that usually has girls lining up.

1/26/2009 10:29:17 am

Kelly: I'm pretty sure it's the band thing. I mean, me and Adam Duritz share a few characteristics:

Adam and Ben both:

1. Went to Cal.
2. About the same height.
3. Enjoy chicken fingers.
4. Might be funny.

But here's where we differ:

Adam does have but Ben does not have:

1. Really dirty hair.
2. A singing voice like an angel that sings real well.
3. International fame.

So yeah...I'm pretty sure it's numbers 2 and 3 right there that bring in the ladies. Or maybe it's the dirty white guy dreads. I guess the key point here is that Adam Duritz gets more girls than me, and I'm pretty sure that sense of humor isn't the main reason why this is.

1/26/2009 10:54:55 am


You are so awesome

And you are the first person to bring sex into the equation, which is 1/3rd of the appeal of rockin'. Thanks for the awesome Duritzku.


1/26/2009 12:17:31 pm

Thanks for the link, Ben. That was way too much fun. I think I could keep writing them all night.

Dan Amend
1/26/2009 06:29:02 pm

Ben, I posted a haiku under the pseudonym "Daniel." Crazy, I know. It is three versus, has a double music reference, a movie reference and an anti- Ben Affleck reference. Essentially, the perfect haiku. Unless I inaccurately counted to 5 and 7, what shirt size do you wear?

1/27/2009 04:23:25 am

evan wrote the s'ing flat pennies one.

1/27/2009 04:23:32 am

we both know a girl who's .... never mind but it involves adam duritz and 50% of the people i know in silver lake plus a neighbor.

1/27/2009 04:27:05 am

This made me think of you, and nick.

1/27/2009 04:28:00 am

guess what? so did this. it's extra spicy. and by spicy i mean homo. and by homo i mean beard-gay.

1/27/2009 04:29:01 am

the beat goes on... and by beat i do mean it in a self love way.

1/27/2009 04:30:22 am

Ben, I know you're a california bear... but... is this what it means?

1/27/2009 04:30:46 am

if you delete those... iunno, but i'll prolly be bummed.

1/27/2009 04:31:19 am

And "bummed" isn't slang for any thing done after beard rubbing.

1/27/2009 04:38:38 am

Danny: I could never delete you. You mean way too much to the site.

1/27/2009 04:42:21 am

Those beard sex videos were insane!

1/27/2009 04:45:30 am

I work @ yahoo. I think those beard sex videos are funny. I guess i'm gay. Asian and gay, a winning combo.

1/27/2009 04:55:45 am

where did all those beard vids come from?

they... made me start singing this song

1/27/2009 04:57:23 am

I'm glad you learnt your lesson from last time, mister.

1/28/2009 03:23:05 am

hmmm. I was going to say that you guys have a sophmoric sense of humour. Which i would mean as an insult, but, its part of the name of Ben Esch's book. So, it wouldnt be an insult. Ah well. Not only am i conflicted, but I'm jealous, cuz i can't look at those youtube videos, cuz i'm at work.... grrr.... and, frankly, i'll forget about them by the time i get home.

not monica
1/28/2009 04:58:23 am

step your game up monica.
those videos are probably not safe for work anyways.
monica, have you turned on the news lately? people are losing their jobs. do some god damn work will you? do you have a myspace? I wanted to see someting re: your boobs.

1/29/2009 07:22:47 am

Dear not monica.
you cannot see my boobs..

2/2/2012 02:35:55 pm

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