Hey readers,

So, I tried to be a sparkly vampire for Halloween, but the costume didn't really come together.  All the stores were sold out of those plastic vampire fangs, and I bought some glittery body spray stuff, but it took about five coats of the stuff for any of the glitter to show up, and by that point, I had a nose bleed and my left arm was twitching, so I figured it was a good time to stop huffing body spray glitter. 

So, lacking a costume, I had to go to my old standby: dressing up like a chick.  Yeah...it was a rough Halloween this year. 

But, now that I think about it, I don't think my sparkly vampire outfit fell apart because I didn't have fangs or glitter or even one of those broody looking trench coat thingamajig.  No, what I really needed was to smell like a vampire. 

That's where Essence of Twlight comes in. 

Yep, those two chicks went and made a line of bath soaps and perfumes designed to "smell like Edward Cullen."  And they are selling like crazy.

Jesus, that is remarkable.  I know a lot of people don't like the Twilight phenomenon, but here's my take on it:

My take on it:  Good for you, Stephanie Meyer.  And if a couple of ladies want to make some bath bubbles with a hint of vampire, god bless them. 

Hell, I would love for people for people to make Dixie Nguyen smelling soap.  Or to just buy Sophomore Undercover in general.  Or, you could buy two copies: one to read, and one to rub on yourself so you get that "new book smell."  It's up to you, and that's what makes capitalism great. 

For those of you who clicked on my website because you were googling "How to smell like a vampire" or "Edward Cullen bath bubbles." 

Hi.  Welcome to the website.  So, you're into books about vampires and other scary things, are you?  Well, why don't you check out Emily Ecton.  Her books may have a bit less sparkly vampires and romantic longing than you're used to, but dammit, this woman is a talent and more people need to know about it. 

And in case anyone's wondering...

I'm totally Team Jacob.  For whatever that's worth. 
11/6/2009 01:07:47 am

How can i get you onto team WHEELER?

11/9/2009 01:25:31 pm

Oh good, so I guess it's safe to admit now that I did, in fact, rub my copy of SOPHOMORE UNDERCOVER all over my body. Some of the text smeared but that didn't take away from the hilarity much.

11/10/2009 07:28:47 am

I'm currently rubbing.

12/23/2010 05:20:51 pm

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