As a writer, I am a man of great intellectual depth and uncommon emotional complexity. 

Thus, when I need to settle the artistic tempest that rages within my heart (author's note: my heart is also artistic) I turn to one man, and one man only for my entertainment needs. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Nicholas a cowboy...who dances with robots...and this is supposed to sell a Japanese soda for some reason. 

I saw this over at, initially.  Heck of a website, by the way.  I stop over about once a day. 

Wow.  I didn't think it was possible for me to love Japan or Nicholas Cage any more than I already do, but then I just watched that video and my world has been shook to its foundation. 

Also, how much more famous do you guys think I need to get before I get cast in a Japanese commercial?  They don't even have to pay me.  As long as I get keep my shiny cowboy shirt, I would be totally happy. 

I was thinking about posting the highlight reel from "The Wicker Man" but that might have been too much Nic Cage crazy-power for one posting.  Once things settle down a bit, I'll be sure to get that to you. 

Here's a teaser: he dresses up in a bear costume and karate kicks an old Amish looking lady in the head.  Yes.  I know that sounds like something out of a fever dream, but I swear that this is a real thing.

2/22/2009 08:05:06 pm

Nic Cage has always been one of my favourite actors. this has just moved him up the list

2/23/2009 12:25:18 am

Guess what tomorrow is? are you back in LA? Can you email me about details for the book release party? Thanks buddy!

2/23/2009 12:34:53 am

for the best of nicholas cage, watch VAMPIRE'S KISS. perhaps the most underrated movie of all time. no, actually check that, it IS the most underrated move of all time.* wait, i'm not doing this thing justice, it's actually the best film ever produced in the 1980's about vampires.** ever.

*not neccessarily a true statement

2/23/2009 12:54:11 am

Can't stand Nic Cage. What's has he done that's decent since Leaving Las Vegas?


2/23/2009 05:11:51 am

Nic Cage is a sometimes good actor. And he nailed this part!

2/23/2009 05:40:31 am

I loved him in Valley Girl. Especially the way his chest hair formed a sort of "V" in the beach scene.

Lily Cate
2/24/2009 07:09:36 am

You forgot the best part... after the bear suit and the Amish smack down, he gets to go to Burning Man.

3/17/2011 10:47:19 pm

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4/12/2011 01:11:03 pm

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