Hey readers,

Okay, okay...I know it's been over two weeks since I last posted something, and I know that's the blogger equivalent of dropping a turd in the punch bowl.  So, first of all, sorry for that.  Nobody likes a turd in the punch bowl.  It makes the whole internet party a lot less fun for everybody. 

Anyway, I think benjaminesch.com can go in one of two directions at this point: 

Direction A:  I post something half ass about once every fourteen weeks. 

Direction B: I get my crap together and start delivering some wittiness. 

The lazy part of me is liking the looks of Direction A right now, but godammit, I'm still paying the fine folks at weebly.com five bucks a month for this website, and I refuse to waste that kind of investment.  I mean, I can buy a cold cut trio from Subway with that cash. 

So, lets go with Direction B for a while. 

And to celebrate my personal recommitment to blogging, here's a video of that freaky stomach mutant from Total Recall singing "In Your Eyes." 
12/10/2009 11:00:56 am

You could tell us about your current work-in-progress. That'd be writerly of you.

Or more cat jokes. Cat jokes are fun.

12/21/2009 04:21:12 am

you could show us pictures of your beard and sweaters.. or even better, a sweater beard. or beard sweater.

12/23/2010 05:16:38 pm

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