So the 2004 Shawn and Marlon Wayans vehicle "White Chicks" was on TV last night. 

Yes, the one where they go undercover as white women.

Author's note: this picture is disturbing on many levels. 

I was about to change the channel to find a rerun of American Gladiators or really anything else besides a goddamn Wayans brothers movie, but then something unexpected happened:

I laughed for a solid five minutes after I watched that clip, and this made me realize a number of unsettling truths: 

1.  A Wayans brothers movie made me laugh (author's note: and this isn't even A team Wayans brothers.  This is Shawn and Marlon for the love of God!.)
2.  I started chuckling when I re-watched the clip on youtube, so last night wasn't an isolated incident.
3.  I have absolutely no idea what's wrong with me. 

Sorry readers, but I think my ability to recognize humor is broken.  I'm just as troubled about this as your are.  

If that clip made anyone else laugh, please let me know that I'm not alone.  I'm in a very dark and lonely place right now. 

You can even email me so that this stays private.  I really need a friend right now. 

Oh, and has anyone seen "Little Man?"  Because that's looking pretty good to me right now. 

12/15/2008 10:08:59 pm

no, sir, do not be ashamed. for let us not forget that the wayans, even the b team, has made some very high quality films in the past.

okay, be a little ashamed.

12/15/2008 11:47:02 pm

I wouldn't be ashamed for liking the scene. If you liked the movie, that would be a problem.
Sing along scenes almost always make me smile. I especially enjoy the ones in Wayne's World and Tommy Boy and, even though it's a chick movie, I thought the one in 27 Dresses where they drunkenly sing along with "Bennie and the Jets" was good stuff. In fact, the only time I really don't like the sing along scene is when it's done to the song "I Will Survive." Cliche, dude.

katie d.
12/16/2008 12:34:01 am

i'm just wondering, if the wayans brother in this scene is already undercover, and has been so long enough to develop a relationship with the guy in the car with her, you must have been watching this movie for longer than you let on. just want to keep you honest.

12/16/2008 02:58:17 am

Under duress, I admit that's pretty hilarious. The other people in my office agree.

12/16/2008 03:57:30 am

little man is what i call my junk muscle

12/16/2008 04:06:06 am

I want to start dating. Do you have any tips for a highschooler? There is a winter formal coming up. How should i go about asking my best friend's sister to the dance? Is that kosher?

12/16/2008 04:09:23 am

Howcome itz racist if white people act like stupid black people? But not the other way around? As a white man are you offended?

12/16/2008 09:37:44 am

This Wayans film really evokes some passionate feelings. From race relations to teenage dating, it really strikes a chord with Dixie Nguyen blog readers.

I have to agree with Paul Michael Murphy. Well-done sing-a-longs always get my giggle box. Ain't nothing to be ashamed of.

12/16/2008 02:40:11 pm

Way to comment guys! Seriously. I feel like Stephenie Meyer, and surprisingly, it's oddly comforting to be a middle aged Mormon housewife.


12/17/2008 01:37:25 am


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