There’s still a few free copies of Sophomore Undercover available to readers.  All the details are here.  

Now, I’m afraid that there might be a few readers out there who want an advanced copy of Sophomore Undercover but still aren’t sure if this “free book” thing is for real. 

Let me address some of these concerns.

FAQS about how you can get a free copy of “Sophomore Undercover”  

Is this free book thing for real?  Yes.

Really?  Yes, really. 

But is this “free” like one of those “free” Scientology personality tests?  Uhh…no.  There are absolutely no “thetans” involved.  Unless you’re into that sort of thing.  We’re an equal opportunity book supplier here at

And when will I get the book?  Soon to soonish.  Definitely before the book is out in the store.  I’m almost a hundred percent certain about that.  But still, it’s free so you’re gonna have to cut me a little slack. 

Is there a catch?  Yes.  You have to tell people that you liked “Sophomore Undercover” (author's note: hopefully this won't be a lie, but I'm flexible) and encourage them to buy multiple copies.
How am I supposed to do that?  Well, I find that saying “Sophomore Undercover is way more funny than The Hours” works pretty well, but go ahead and use your personal judgment on this one.  I really don’t to stifle anybody’s creativity here.
But are there any books still available?  Yes.  Just not too many more, so quit dawdling and send your request (and mailing address) to  I know fifteen bucks is a ridiculously low price for the hours of enjoyment you’ll get from “Sophomore Undercover,” but still, think of all the uses you can put to that fifteen bucks if you don’t have to spend it on my book.  Some suggestions: 

Smart ways to spend fifteen dollars.

1.  Buy another copy of Sophomore Undercover in case the first one gets dirty. 
2.  Purchase 30 tacos from Jack N the Box. Bring bag of tacos back to your school/dormitory/church/retirement home. Profit.
3.  Start a savings account. 
See?  Having fifteen dollars and a book is way better than just having a book. 

Send your requests for your TOTALLY FREE ADVANCED COPY of Sophomore Undercover to

This man wants you have to have a free book. 
Author's note:  the people at the museum were surprisingly uncool about this.

1/8/2009 08:17:32 pm

I'm so excited, i'm checking the mail every day. sigh...

Nick DB
1/9/2009 01:38:59 am

God I love that picture so much. Remember playing Scopa with that old toothless dude in the coffee shop? We couldn't understand dick that he was saying.

1/9/2009 03:21:32 am

1/9/2009 04:45:04 am

That is truly nice of you to give some of your books for free! I am so going to tell everyone at Jack in the Box about Sophomore Undercover as I eat my 20 tacos!

1/9/2009 08:12:42 am

I'm also eagerly awaiting the book. Having just started the "After" section of Looking For Alaska, I could use a laugh.


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