Hey readers,

So a few weeks ago, I did a reading over at Capuchino High School in San Francisco, and the school news department put together a nice little video of the goings on. 

The link to the video is here.   

I think you should watch this video, and here are some further reasons to sweeten the pot. 

More reasons to watch the video

1. I’m wearing a particularly awesome sweater.

2.  You get to see what I look like when I wake up at six in the morning (author’s note: it’s not particularly good). 

3.  They weave in some surprisingly tasty jazz instrumentals over the intro. 

4.  You get to see a demonstration of my very expressive hand gestures whilst reading. 

5.  I think the star pattern in my sweater really brings out my eyes. 

And lastly, but not leastly

6.  The awed, almost Beatlemania’esque reaction of the kids during the “What did you think of Sophomore Undercover” section of the video. 

Thanks for giving the video a click.  I promise that I won't let fame go to my head. 

Question: Why didn’t you just embed the video on your website. 

Answer:  Because I was too busy playing Minesweeper in high school to learn any useful computer skills.

Author's note: Minesweeper kicks ass.   

6/14/2009 06:46:01 am

"me being creative"

Right, Ben. Like you're really creative.

Can I have my sweater back?

6/15/2009 01:06:56 am

ben esch...


6/15/2009 09:07:49 pm

whoa, Ben Esch, those kids need to calm down just a tad... holy crow. I liked the part where you were talking about the book, but we couldnt actually hear you talking. (not that i didnt want to hear you talking.... but it shows that you were animated and stuff.)
and you need to come up with some sort of schpiel about where you came up with the idea for the book....
love the sweater.

oh, and do the kids 'get' that sweaters are your schtick?

6/19/2009 06:15:36 am

wow! what school is this? the i don't like to laugh or have a fun time school? geeez. "yeah, there was a couple funny parts, but i would recommend it to freshman boys only, because I as a senior am waaay too mature for humor in my life." your book is hilarious, i don't care who you are.

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6/2/2012 08:11:16 am

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2/27/2014 09:58:25 pm

So a few weeks ago, I did a reading over at Capuchino High School in San Francisco, and the school news department put together a nice little video of the goings on....

2/27/2014 09:59:27 pm

So a few weeks ago, I did a reading over at Capuchino High School in San Francisco, and the school news department put together a nice little video of the goings on...

2/27/2014 10:41:24 pm

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