Apparently there's some guy named Ben Esch who has been posting karate videos on youtube.  I give you exhibit A: 

Author's note:  I'd recommend against watching this video.  I mean, you wouldn't think that two guys in Darth Vader helmets going prison yard on each other could get boring after thirty seconds, but there you have it.  Plus, dude in the black helmet starts doing this weird "crotch grab and hop" move toward the end of the video, and I am convinced that isn't part of any legitimate martial art.  Anyway, you've been warned.

So, to eliminate any confusion, I want to officially state that I am NOT the Ben Esch who posted the karate videos.  This is a different Ben Esch entirely, and barring any significant changes in the creative direction of the website, "Ben Esch the karate guy" will be in no way affiliated with

Question:  "But if I ever meet someone named Ben Esch, how will I know if he's Ben Esch the writer or Ben Esch the karate guy?"

Answer:  Ben Esch the writer won't kick you in the face. 

I hope this clears everything up.

Brian Trust
12/10/2008 01:42:56 pm

How about a "Ben's Guide to Martial Arts"?

Knock this guy off the mat.

12/16/2008 04:08:04 am

This is some night of the living dead type stuff. How are we supposed to know who the real Ben Esch is?

12/17/2008 02:27:47 pm

It could be worse. You could share your name with a crazy astronaut who wears diapers.

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