As of yet, there are no plans to adapt Sophomore Undercover into an audio book...

But if that ever changes, I want this girl to be the one who reads it. 

I've been going around the last few days and shouting "I'm a magician!" at my friends.  So far the response hasn't been what I was hoping for.

Anyway, this video is awesome. 

2/15/2009 04:37:42 am

how freaking cute is that? omg

2/17/2009 07:32:38 am

Damn, Ben. That is a sweet ass find. "I'm her mom. -No she's not"!!

2/17/2009 12:53:10 pm

I seriously cannot get over how awesome this video is. Although...I think my obsession is getting creepy. Yeah Ben, great find :)

2/17/2009 10:06:35 pm

i sent a link to that video to all of the people in my address book, sat my kids down and made them watch it, and i giggle hysterically every time i watch it.
"i have to go potty" (move to his feet) ssssssssss........
gets me every time.

2/18/2009 02:15:12 pm

Monica: So freaking cute. I know!

Lurenwist: Me and the LOLBrother were laughing pretty hard at that line, too. I still think the magician line is my favorite, though.

Brittany: Thanks for alerting me to that video. You know, I probably should have given you credit for that in the original post, but I didn't, and I feel bad, so I think the best thing for everybody is if we just move on and try to put this ugly chapter behind us.

Or I could buy you an ice cream sandwich. Whatever makes you feel better.

Monica X2: You are awesome. Thanks for the link love.

2/23/2009 05:52:02 am

I'm totally going to post that on my blog and pretend I found it first. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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