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The very first job I ever had was raking the backyard for three bucks so I could rent a Wrestlemania VHS when I was six years old.  I have pretty well avoided honest employment and professional wrestling since that day, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for classic WWF. 

Even when they're rapping a diss song about Hulk Hogan. 
Okay, it's not quite Dr. Dre vs. Eazy-E, but for being a fifty year old former wrestler, those are some pretty legit rhymes.

And just so we don't forget Macho Man in his prime...
Author's note: stay off the drugs, kids. 
8/29/2009 01:13:34 am

I'm here for my Ben Esch blog fix. Glad I stopped by. This is golden. I used to beg to stay up late to watch Saturday Night Main Event after the late news. My brother and I would get so pumped for Hogan matches. Eye of the Tiger still gives me shivers.

8/29/2009 01:07:57 pm

Tracy: Hey! Glad to see we got a fellow Hulkamaniac in the word of children's literature. You ever give a listen to "I am a real american" lately? Quality song.

8/31/2009 01:35:07 am

It's the theme song on my fantasy football homepage. Represent!

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