A few years ago, there was a theater at Disneyland that showed a 3D movie called Captain EO.  From the age of eight until I saw the Dinosaucer video last week, Captain EO was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. 

Some things I remember about Captain EO:

1.    Michael Jackson played a space pirate called Captain EO, and he drove around on a ship with a bunch of muppets and a British looking robot guy.  Oh, and there was some blue elephant thing in a wife beater named Hooter.  I really connected with Hooter when I was a kid.  (Author's note: there were some body image issues).   
2.    For some reason Captain EO’s ship gets sucked down to a garbage planet. 
3.    The garbage people grab Michael Jackson and the muppets and take them to their garbage queen. 

And then this five minute slice of awesomeness happens. 

Okay, I guess that lost a bit of the impact without the 3D technology, but still,  Michael Jackson defeated a planet of trash monsters with dance moves and effing rainbow lasers!

Effing rainbow lasers

Disneyland shut down Captain EO after MJ had some unpleasantness with the courts in the mid nineties (you may have heard about this) but before things got weird and he sang rap duets with Macaulay Culkin, Michael Jackson did something pretty amazing. 

And I think we should remember that.  

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12/1/2008 01:11:07 am

Okay. You've convinced me with the video of the five minute slice of awesome: Captain Eo was legitimately cool.

2/25/2011 03:23:12 pm

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