Therefore, I am completely confident that you guys want to see a video of some guys in a Salt Lake City library doing a puppet version of Adam Rex's PSST! 

A few reasons why you guys should watch it: 

1.  It clocks in at over nine minutes.  Which is like one tenth of a movie, at zero zeroeth the price. 

2.  The guy does the pig with a german accent...and maybe I'm just simple minded, but I think german accents are really funny.  Maybe I have conflicted feelings about my heritage or something.  Either way, this is some top notch pig doing a german accent action. 

3.  This video only has like 44 views, so if this springs into a "Piano Cat" type internet phenomenon, I'll feel really important. 

4.  PSST!  Is a really funny book. 

5.  And Adam Rex is awesome.  I may have mentioned this before. 

6.  Library based puppet theatre is a seriously underrated field. 

Anyway, here is the video.  Enjoy! 
10/15/2009 03:10:27 am

Oh my god. I didn't even know about this. This is amazing.

10/15/2009 05:45:30 am

That is pretty cool!
I've never been too impressed by puppets (except Master of Puppets ;), but that was one awesome puppet presentation!

12/23/2010 05:24:07 pm

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