Hey readers,

So, as many of you know, one of my new favorite hobbies is to Google my name, and again, as many of you know, I am a hundred percent aware of how sad this is.  Moving on...

Much to my surprise, on Amazon, Sophomore Undercover is currently being bundled on the "Frequently Bought With"...

Twilight, 2 disc Special Edition

I have a few thoughts about this: 

My thoughts about this

1.  What the eff? 
2.  $30.46 sounds like a helluva bargain for the combined entertainment explosion of my book and the Twilight movie. 
3.  Seriously, you get the humor with my book, and the romantic vampire action with the movie...and I'm pretty sure that pretty much covers a hundred percent of the world's entertainment needs.    
4.  That Robert Pattinson sure is dreamy. 
5.  Disregard #4.     

So, if any of you guys have bought both my book and the Twilight movie, please let me know so I can personally thank you.  It's about time that me and Stephanie Meyer started working together.  We're like the peanut butter and jelly of making people happy with words. 


I think my book is a buck or so more expensive on Amazon.  And while this is probably good for me, if any of you guys have been on the fence about getting a book, I'd suggest that you get off that particular fence before the price gets any higher.

Because I want you to have that extra dollar. 

Because I love you. 

6/9/2009 04:57:54 am

I quite like the pairing of Twilight and Sophomore Undercover! I think you should make Dixie turn into a werewolf in the sequel Junior Year Jinxed or a Teen Wolf like Michael J. Fox.

6/9/2009 05:45:42 am

I'm with Kelly on this one. The crowd chants: Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

But I like Dixie more as an ewok.

4/6/2011 04:54:18 pm

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