So, I've caught a bit of flack lately about being scared of raccoons.  And for those of you who can't imagine why I would be scared of an animal that looks pretty much like an adorably fuzzy bandit, I'm gonna post the video below (author's note to the squeamish:  nobody gets their nose bitten off by a raccoon or anything like that.  I just reread the first part of this post and it came off a little more ominous than I wanted.  Sorry about that). 

Some thoughts: 

1.  That raccoon is adorable. 

2.  I mean, just look at him washing his food with those little human hands.  That's adorable plus 2. 

3.  Anybody who gets their camera that close to a raccoon deserves to get hit in the face.  So that was actually pretty satisfying to watch. 

4.  Both my fear and respect of raccoons has gone up a bit since I watched this video. 

2/18/2009 10:02:48 pm

I once had an armed standoff with a raccoon in my carport. (I was armed with a broom, him (or her, i dont know how to tell the difference) with an attitude.

He was checking out the contents of my garbage, and i came out to scare him off. He stands up on his hind legs, and looks at me, saying "WTF you lookin' at beeyatch?. I'm eatin' here." So i left him to his meal and went back into my house, whimpering. They are evil.

2/19/2009 04:36:37 am

A raccoon with a collar on? Poor guy. He's going to get so hazed when he goes back into the wild. That man definitely deserved that swat!

jay juhl
2/23/2009 05:20:05 am

for whatever reason that video was hilarious. not sure if it should have been but it was. i laughed out loud by myself. hmm....

2/23/2009 05:44:20 am

A raccoon that size nearly came through our dog-door the other night. Scared the crap out of me. If it had been wearing a cute red collar? Even scarier!

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