Hey readers,

So, www.benjaminesch.com reader, blogger extraordinaire, and overall good guy Paul Michael Murphy is running a "fill in the caption" contest over at his blog. 

This looks like a really cool contest, and since he's giving away a copy of Sophomore Undercover as the prize, I really think you guys should click over and submit some entries.

Still need some convincing?  Here are some reasons that you guys should go to Paul's blog and enter the contest

1.  The prize is a copy of my book.  So, that saves you fifteen bucks right there. 

2.  This guy has a really funny blog and has been talking my book up quite a bit. 

3.  I am going to look like a real douche if nobody submits any entries to this thing. 

4.  From the quality of the comments you guys leave, I would venture to say that www.benjaminesch.com readers are perhaps the most clever/funny/awesome blog readers/commenters in the world and I think you guys should share that with the world.  

5.  I will owe one favor to all of you that can be redeemed at any point in the future.  Not like "pick you up at the airport" or "feed your fish when you're away" type favor, but I'll definitely do you a solid.  Cool?

Thanks guys.  And just to show that this blog writer to blog reader relationship we got going isn't a one way street, here's the Italian version of the Dinosaucer's theme song.  Enjoy. 

Author's note:  I used to be able to speak semi-fluent Italian but was only able to understand about a half dozen words in that song.  God, I'm depressed.  I never thought the Dinosaucers would bring me anything but joy.  Sigh. 

1/20/2009 11:52:59 pm

Sadly, Ben Esch. I cannot view your friend's (and possibly some long lost relative of mine) blog from my computer here at work. So, entering his caption contest would have to be done on my own precious time, not my employers. Also, it wouldnt be fair, since i would likely be the front runner, and win, and then i'd have two of your books. (TOTALLY FREE)

1/20/2009 11:53:02 pm

I'll go and check out his contest! Though I am already getting a book from you...so I'll just enter for the fun of it. I gave you a shout out on my blog today as well!

1/21/2009 01:24:12 am

Kelly - if you win, you could always give away that copy of the book in a blog contest of your own.

we can all work together to make that particular copy of SOPHOMORE UNDERCOVER the most won prize on the web.

1/21/2009 02:28:11 am

Chris- After I posted, I thought of that , too! Great idea!

1/21/2009 03:03:33 am

haha, that particular book is going to be passed around more times than a polyphonic spree groupie

1/21/2009 03:03:53 am

not that i like that band


1/21/2009 03:31:46 am

chris--awesome idea. So awesome that I'm going to write something (very small) in the inside cover of the book so everyone who wins will know it's the real thing.

I'm also going to blog about this wonderful idea and only choose a winner who is willing to agree to the terms. Of course, they are welcome to read the book before offering it up as a prize (and maybe even make one of those disgusting dry booger marks I seem to find in nearly every library book I read on its pages).

And hey! I've got 8 entries already. So considering I average about .5 comments on a normal post, I'd way we're doing pretty well.

1/21/2009 04:30:05 am

Monica: You should really check out Paul's blog. It's so good that it even warrants "personal time" to be spent reading through it. Of course, this means you're going to have to spend a little less time with your hobbies/loved ones, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

Kelly and Chris: That is an awesome idea to get my book passed around like "a groupie at a polyphonic spree concert" (I think that's the best analogy I've ever heard in my life, by the way). One question: who the hell are the polyphonic spree?

Paul: You are awesome. I think we might have already covered this, but I just wanted to state it again for the record.

1/21/2009 05:00:55 am

ben - they are really shitty band that has like 13 members, therefore their groupies are especially well-used

1/21/2009 05:08:55 am

Chris: Oh...I see. You know, those old ska bands must have really gone through the groupies, too. I'm pretty sure the Mighty Mighty Bosstones had like six people in their brass section alone...and then there was the guy who just danced. I wonder if he got groupies, too.

You know, just being the guy who dances on stage with a ska band is totally on my bucket list. And yes, I just said bucket list.

1/21/2009 05:54:17 am

bucket lists? you're old, ben.

now that i think of it, polyphonic spree have like 10 people in their choir section alone, so i think the band itself is more like 25 members. which completely explains why they're so terrible.

1/21/2009 07:07:36 am

Ben Esch, i will check out the Murphblog. (dammit, he stole my name, now i'll never have a blog. sheesh)

1/21/2009 09:31:45 am

Thanks for stopping by, Monica (and for commenting too). Also, nice use of parentheses up above.

God, I love parentheses.

1/22/2009 03:02:08 am

I'm giving up! Everyother thing i write on benjaminesch.com gets deleted.

h8ers everywhere i go. everywhere i go..............

murphblog approves all of my comments.

ben, you have instigated the great migration of 2k9.


1/22/2009 03:18:16 am

Well, Paul Michael Murphy.. i know how you like parentheses. (..and i have no way of using them in the above sentence, so i had to add this lame piece)

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