Suzanne asked: Do writers get groupies? 

Ben answers:  From what I understand, writing isn't a very "groupie rich" profession.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that out of all the creative fields, writers get less groupies than anyone.  And yes, this includes prop comics and those guys who paint themselves silver and act like robots for tips. 

So yeah...that seems fair. 

Author's note:  I should have gone to law school.   

This guy gets way more chicks than John Green

1/2/2009 09:13:09 pm

lawyers get even less groupies than writers.

1/3/2009 01:05:43 pm

Umm... wait a minute. Let me get this straight. I'm going into a groupie-less profession? That's it. Screw this. I'm becoming a rock star.

1/3/2009 02:08:37 pm

Monica: I really doubt that lawyers get less groupies than writers. Example A: Tom Cruise in "The Firm." Example B: Judd Nelson in "From The Hip." Well, that's about it, but I feel like I make a pretty solid argument.

Katie: You could always go the route of Madonna and Gloria Estefan and become a rock star who writes books. Of course, your definitions of both "rock star" and "books" have to be a bit looser in both cases, but still, I'm pretty sure you'll be solid on the groupie front. Provided that you count spending extended periods of time with Marc Anthony a good thing. Personally, I kinda think he looks like a vampire, but then again, I don't really know all that much about Latin pop.

1/3/2009 02:18:22 pm

I just realized that neither Madonna nor Gloria Estefan have ever been romantically linked to Marc Anthony.

So, I'm pretty sure the joke in the comment up there didn't land all that well.


That dude totally looks like a vampire, though. And not the good "Twilight" kinda vampires either. He's more of a creepy vampire...with a really sexy voice, sure, but that doesn't make him any less of a creepy vampire.

1/3/2009 09:10:55 pm

Point taken (lame, that it is). I guess when i meant lawyer, i was using the definition 'real life lawyer', not 'movie star playing lawyer'.

Marc Anthony is a vampire. Which brings up an argument i read in the saturday comics yesterday.... which was saturday, in fact. If moonlight is, in fact, reflected sunlight, how come moonlight doesnt repel vampires?

1/4/2009 11:01:06 am

There are really good odds on Marc Anthony being a vampire... and while neither Madonna nor Gloria Estefan have ever been linked to him in the media, I find it hard to believe there is a male celebrity out there who hasn't been linked with Madonna in some way or another. (It's a little less six degrees of separation, and a little more two degrees of separation, haha...)

Hmmm. And I guess I'd lower my standards if it meant a slew of groupies. Would it be easier if I just became an heiress?

1/4/2009 09:55:23 pm

Sadly, Katie, being an heiress is a difficult goal to acheive. You need to find a long lost uncle of sorts. Or marry a rich man who dies, a al Anna Nicole Smith.

1/5/2009 09:50:08 pm

that was supposed to be "a la"


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