The Sal and Einar show  were some of the funniest videos I saw all of last year, but they never caught really caught on.  At last check, there were only like 47 views for this thing on youtube.  47?  My god, that's a travesty.  Okay, I want you to watch this video, cherish it, then reflect for a moment. 

Are you done reflecting?  Good, now I want you to watch this. 

This video has over 14,000 views.  14,000!  Don't get me wrong, I think the whole "old spanish lady dancing and clicking those little finger cymbals" thing is pretty cool, but does it really deserve to crush "Sal and Einar" this hard? 

I am hereby making it my mission to make Sal and Einar beat the page count for "old lady dancing."   Tell your friends.  If episode one gets 100 view counts, I will post episode two, which is arguably even more awesome than episode one, and at least a thousand times more entertaining than "old lady dancing."

Let's make this happen, people. 

2/25/2011 03:30:06 pm

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