But I had to show you guys one more thing by Jon Klassen.  I didn't actually know this existed until a couple days ago, so I feel justified blogging about him twice. 

Anyway, this here video is called "An Eye for Annai" and it is one of the most badass things I have seen all year.  And yes, that includes the new Star Trek Movie, Up, and Ellen Page at the coffee shop (author's note: she is seriously tiny.  Like, I'm pretty sure she could fit into a duffel bag and ship herself places if she didn't want to pay for a plane ticket.)

And the fine folks at youtube were kind enough to let me post this, so you don't even need to click anywhere to watch this.  Just scroll down a skootch, and enjoy some super fine animation. 

Now, did I lie about how effing cool that was?  Goddamn I wish I could draw stuff. 

You know, I've been thinking about art quite a bit the last few days, and I really think I want to start sharing some of the stuff that I dig that's out there.  So, expect more of these "stuff you will likes" in the future.  And I promise not all of them are going to be about Jon Klassen.  Just some.  A goodly bit of some, perhaps, but definitely not all.  
7/27/2009 10:22:22 pm

fanboy? fanman, maybe. cool video, Ben Esch. Thank you. he is amazing.

7/29/2009 07:40:58 am

I now dig Jon Klassen, thanks to Ben Esch!

7/31/2009 04:18:22 am

gee whiz, ben. we need to go for pizza. at that place. you're the nicest blogger i know.

7/31/2009 01:36:06 pm

at that place? with the guy?

8/4/2009 06:11:00 am

Very cool. Thanks for introducing me to his stuff!

3/20/2012 07:13:31 pm

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