So, I was googling "ben esch" the other day. 

Wait...maybe I should stop there and address a few things: 

1.  Yes, I realize exactly how sad it is that I google my own name. 
2.  I'm going to keep doing it, anyway. 

Moving on. 

So, I was googling "ben esch" the other day and something interesting came up: 

That right there is an ebay auction.  For my book.  My book that isn't going to be coming out for another three months.

Let's look a little closer: 


I have a couple of thoughts here. 

1.  99 cents seems like a pretty low opening bid for my book. 
2.  Somebody better bid on this thing, or my self esteem is going to be crushed. 

So, if any of you readers out there want to get your hands on an advance reader copy of my book a full three months before the release of "Sophomore Undercover" I suggest you get on this thing.  I guarantee that you will get a full 99 cents of enjoyment.  

Click here to bid on "Sophomore Undercover."  

12/9/2008 01:38:48 am

ok... i would have been tempted to buy this book on ebay, for at least 3.99 (canadian), but i've heard that there is a way i can get a TOTALLY FREE ADVANCE COPY.

am i creeping you out yet? i'm on my lunch break at work, it's too snowy to go out, and i cant get onto any other good websites. I'm sure i'll stop commenting once the novelty has worn off.

2/25/2011 03:29:02 pm

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