1.  There is a certain type of person who is good on morning radio shows. 
2.  This person is not me. 
3.  Everybody at 92.7, 93.5, and KVML were really nice to let me on the radio, anyway. 
4.  I should probably stop teaching kids how to say "I don't want a prostitute" in Chinese while doing school visits. 
5.  In case you're wondering, it's "Wo bu yao xiao jie." 
6.  This little nugget of wisdom was a big hit at my old elementary school. 
7.  The whole Chinese prostitute thing totally made sense in the context of my talk.  I swear. 
8.  It has been really cool talking with the kids at Sonora High, Tioga High, Tenaya Elementary, and Sonora Elementary the last few days. 
9.  So far, none of the kids have made fun of my "writer sweaters" or "artistic facial hair." 
10.  And I'm counting that as a good thing.  

3/27/2009 09:36:13 am

You are making the rounds! I hope you requested some good tunes for them to play!
Have fun at your launch party this weekend!

Paul Michael Murphy
3/28/2009 12:13:20 am

Know what bothers me about morning shows?

They're on in the morning.

3/28/2009 04:02:39 am

i can only listen to them on the way to work. Sometimes i'm late because of them.

3/29/2009 01:16:07 am

Of course radio's a poor medium for you, when no one can see the sweaters. What are they supposed to talk about then?

Also, reading posts like this makes me wonder why we never had authors come and speak at my schools. Even Chinese-language denial of intention to purchase sex aside, this sounds way cooler than most things we did in school. And now I am bitter.

3/29/2009 04:21:48 am

Well, they didn't make fun of you to your face - who knows what they said about you once you left? I hope you planted child spies to report back.

3/30/2009 04:29:05 am

Please don't take this as critical, Ben Esch, but i think you're stretching your thoughts out a bit, to make it look like you're thinking more than you are.
1- 3 are actually one thought, wouldn't you agree?
4 through 7 are another thought, and 8 through 10 are one more. That counts 3 complete thoughts, over 'the past few days'. How many days are those, really?
"A few". that's a really imprecise number. We can surmise that it's more than 'a couple', and less than "many". But how many days, really.

What was the date of this blog posting, and the date of the one prior? this one is March 26th. The one prior is March 24th. Let's assume, that you started having these thoughts at the time of the last posting, march 24th. That's three days, until this one was posted (right? march 24, 25, and 26th).
Barring any mistakes i've made in my assumptions and my math, you've had, at most, one thought a day. Good work, Mr. Ben Esch.

of course... who am i to comment. I'm not a freaking published author.

oh dude..sorry.. i didnt mean to hurt your feelings with my bitter musings. but.. can i just point out, i've had nothing to do, there's been no blogs in like, 4 days. i've had nothing to do but ruminate about this last one.

3/30/2009 11:46:45 am

Kelly: Thank you very much, madam.

Paul: I don't think I've ever listened to a morning radio show that I wasn't on since...well, ever I guess. But I've been rocking quite a bit of internet podcasts quite a bit lately. Those are neat.

Elizabeth: Next time I get interviewed, I think I'm gonna try to steer the conversation toward sweaters. Right now, they seem to just ask me about raccoons.

Emily: oh, they totally made fun of me once I left. I had to make peace with that before I came in.

Monica: No offense taken. I do think that I average about one thought a day. Well, maybe two if you count desire for frozen pizza as a thought.

More blogs to come, though. Sorry I got off schedule with the book release stuff.

3/30/2009 08:42:59 pm

sigh. i guess you have to live your life, make sure your book is released properly, etc. The readership of your blog is not your first priority, sadly....

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