There are some good parts about living in LA. 

The Good Parts about LA

1.  I saw the chick from Juno at a coffee shop once. 
2.  Walking distance to several taco trucks (true story 1: my favorite taco truck got fire bombed a couple weeks ago.  True story 2: even fire bombings are not enough to keep me from my favorite taco truck). 
3.  I get to hang out with some really talented people. 

I'm sure there are some other cool parts, but right now I want to focus on #3.  Specifically, I want to talk about Jon Klassen.

Jon is a ridiculously talented artist and all around good guy.  His website is here, and his blog is here and both chock full of some of the coolest art work you've ever seen.  You know, I was kinda tempted to rip some of his artwork off his website and post it here so you have an idea of the depth of his artistic coolness, but stealing pictures kinda seemed like a jackass move on my part, so I didn't do it. 

Anyway, I think the easy solution to this is for you to visit his website and give the stuff a look for yourself.  Thanks.  Here's the link again in case you missed it the first time. 

And once you're done checking out his website, I want you guys to click on one more link for me.  I know, I know, I'm asking for a lot of clicking out of you guys with this post, but this click is most definitely worth it. 

Question:  Why is it worth it to click on the next link? 
Answer:  Because Jon just made an animated video for U2

Question:  Effing U2? 
Answer:  Yes, effing U2. 

The link to the video is here and it's a doozy.  It looks cool and you are guaranteed to feel feelings when you watch it. 

I wanted to post a youtube of the video here, but U2 won't let me embed it on my website for some reason or another, that probably involves money and lawyers and probably makes a lot of sense. 

Either way, please give the video and the rest of Jon's stuff a looksie.  You'll be glad that you did. 

7/22/2009 03:53:40 am

With respect to the U2 video, I could not agree more with commenter JenalieCullen11.


YouTube comments: No grammar required.

7/22/2009 05:14:15 am

can i just say... Jon Klassen = canadian? yes.. yet another of our fine artistes now part of your country. its ok, we don't mind sharing.

7/22/2009 07:51:46 am

wow..that video is amazing.

you actually know him, Ben Esch?

7/22/2009 12:53:23 pm

I only looked at a few of Jon's art from his website, but it looks great! I'll look at more, including the u2 video once I've got more time.

Thanks for sharing!

7/22/2009 05:35:10 pm

Paul: You, me, and JeanieCullen11 are in total agreement. That grammar bullcrap is overrated anyway.

Monica: Why yes, Jon is a Canadian. Between you, Jon, and the Trailer Park Boys, there's a whole lot about Canada that I'm loving at the moment. Keep up the good work!

Monica X2: Yes, me and Jon do actually know each other. As a matter of fact, he was a big part of the creative inspiration behind the Sophomore Undercover video game a few months back. And this brings me back to my original point: Jon Klassen is awesome.

Krista: Welcome to the website! Do yourself a favor and check out that U2 video. It's some seriously cool stuff.


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