Number of miles driven:  Many. 

People who made fun of my sweater from passing cars: 

People who complimented my sweater on the street:  1

Number of polka dots on my sweater:  Somewhere around 10

Books signed:  20ish.

Number of embarrassing phone calls to book stores to ask if they were carrying my book with a disguised voice so they wouldn't recognize me when I came in later to sign books:  More than I'd like to remember.

Feet of turkey sandwich eaten:  1. 

Amount of dollars spent on sandwich:  5

My appreciation for Subway:  limitless. 

Number of celebrities seen at breakfast:  2 (author's note:  Flea and Natalie Portman...I'm pretty sure they didn't come together). 

Number of people who recognized me on the street as "YA sensation Ben Esch": 1

Number of above people who weren't related to me:  0. 

Number of times my brother referred to me as "YA sensation Ben Esch": 1 (Author's note:  my brother is awesome.)

Amount of bookstores that sold out of Sophomore Undercover: 1 (Author's note: my relatives were repping me pretty hard in the greater Madison area). 

Thanks again for all your support, guys.  More book release news to come tomorrow.  Also, I promise I'll show you a picture of my "lucky book signing sweater" but just don't make fun of me about it.  I'm kind of in a delicate place right now. 

2/24/2009 08:07:34 pm

YAY, Ben Esch.

2/24/2009 10:21:40 pm

Congratulations, Ben! You're living the dream. :)

2/25/2009 01:53:18 am


2/25/2009 03:11:08 am

I got mine.
where are yours?

2/25/2009 08:34:11 am

speaking of twitter and cat jokes. this "lady" asked me if i was from "jokers" and she has cats all over her profile....

cat jokes!

2/25/2009 10:42:54 am

Have a wonderful week, Ben! Don't forget to stop and smell the Subway sandwiches.

2/25/2009 07:59:35 pm

why does wheeler have three freaking copies???? sheesh.. checking mail every day here.

Ben, i go into random bookstores, search your book, and leave it open on that screen.

2/25/2009 08:00:14 pm

i should clarify 'random'. Thats the one major bookstore in my town.

2/26/2009 02:15:54 am

monica, i have three copies because i'm not a deadbeat.

2/26/2009 09:47:21 am

good for you, wheeler. I dont think i'm a deadbeat, either. Thing is, the bookstore near me only has one copy, and if i bought that one, someone else would be denied the opportunity. And i have a TOTALLY FREE (not so) ADVANCE COPY coming, any day now.

just joshin, Ben. oh..and i should clarify, when i say "search your book", i mean on the computer thingy in the bookstore.

4/10/2011 04:20:34 pm

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