Hey readers,

So, I've been doing quite a bit of driving the past few weeks to do talks and sign books and stuff.  And that has been cool and all, but I've had quite a bit of dead time to fill when I'm driving up and down the state. 

I've tried to be productive with my time by dictating a novel into a tape recorder, but there have been a couple problems with that. 

Problems with dictating a novel into a tape recorder

1.  It's really, really hard. 
2.  I say, "Umm..." more than any normal human should. 
3.  I end up spending most of my time working on my George Takei and Charleston Heston impressions (author's note: my Heston still needs some work). 

So, since being productive is pretty much off the table, and my enjoyment of Latin ballads dissipates a bit after the first three hours, I've found a new way to entertain myself while driving. 

The Adam Carolla Podcast

Over the past few weeks, I've probably spent about twenty hours listening to Adam talk about stuff, and if you feel like you deserve a few chuckles, I advise that you give him a listen as well. 

Also, maybe if I direct enough traffic his way, he might ask me to be a guest on the show.  Wait...no, I don't even dare to dream it.  Okay, forget about me getting on the podcast, just listen for your own enjoyment.


I'm still super serious about getting a podcast started for this blog.  My mac has currently gone into a coma (author's note: that might not be the technical term) so until I sell enough books to afford a trip to the Apple Store, we're gonna have to hold off on any technological advances. 


Did you notice that bit up there where I talked about needing to sell books to afford to fix my computer?  That's called a guilt trip.  I just wanted everyone to be on the same page with that. 

Please buy my book.  Sorry to come off desperate, but I just think it's important that we as a society support our artists.  And by artists, I mean me.  And by support, I mean, I want to buy some rims for my Toyota.  Thank you.        


Has anyone here read "Sophomore Undercover" and liked it?  Or did you read it, and not like it, but are cool with lying and want to help me out? 

Well then, how about posting a review on Amazon?  All the cool kids are doing it.  And by cool kids, I am of course referring to Paul Michael Murphy

6/3/2009 04:56:15 pm

Such a great blog Ben!

6/4/2009 03:44:16 am

wow, Ben Esch, there are already a lot of reviews on amazon. I dont know if i can compete with Paul Michael Murphy's. But i'll sure as heck try.

6/5/2009 12:45:48 pm

I love your blog

6/6/2009 10:09:52 pm

oh, and i forgot to comment on the 'um' thing. When i was in college, we had a teacher that said 'um' more than any other human being i had ever known. We counted one time. 97 times in an hour.

3/24/2011 01:45:12 pm

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7/31/2011 04:32:41 pm

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