Hey readers,

I know that as a big internet celebrity and critically acclaimed author, my word carries a lot of weight, so when I tell you to check something out, you better believe I understand the full magnitude of my recommendation.  I like to think I haven't steered you guys wrong in the past: 

Stuff I've recommended for you guys in the past

1.  Read Dave Yoo
2.  Buy my book (author's note: I particularly like this suggestion)
3.  Listen to The Adam Carolla Podcast
4.  Dinosaucers

When I tell you that you'll like something, you can be confident that it is awesome enough to deserve the full benjaminesch.com seal of approval. 

Without further ado, allow me to present, "The Room" by Tommy Wiseau
I had been hearing rumors about this movie for months, but I finally sat down and watched it yesterday.  And holy crap was it amazing.  I don't think I've ever laughed or thought harder for 90 minutes in my entire life.

I mean, what other movies have inspired their own tribute rap songs? 

(note:  this video will be offensive for people who don't like the F word and tasty rhymes). 


The room is in the house, indeed.
Jay Juhl
11/2/2009 12:17:45 pm

Way to go Ben...glad you gave it a view. Boy howdy is that genius on screen or what? Nice recommendation!!

11/5/2009 03:06:50 pm

Now I am going to watch it and I will probably be disappointed after all this hype....

12/23/2010 04:44:11 pm

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