Hey readers,

So, I know that there are a lot of really exciting movies coming out this summer--Star Trek, Harry Potter, Transformers, Terminator--you know, I was gonna list some more, but I'm just gonna go ahead and take a break and reflect back on that list for a second.  Holy crap there are going to be some awesome movies coming out this summer.  I saw Star Trek last week, and if you think I wasn't joy crying through the entire act 3, well then, I guess you don't really know much about me and my propensity for joy crying. 

But let's try a little something else tonight.  Let's take a look at some of the movies that are flying a little bit under the radar. 

I am talking, of course, about the coming of age family/dramedy with monsters Gooby. 

Here's the trailer. 

Some thoughts: 

1.  Gooby is perhaps the scariest thing that I have ever seen in my life. 
2.  The kid seems to handle a teddy bear monster coming to life pretty well. 
3.  This movie is coming out this summer.  Seriously.  I know!  If I told you that this was coming out in 1991 you totally would have believed me right? 

Should you watch it?  Oh dear god no.

Will I watch it?  Probably. 

Am I ashamed of this?  Most definitely.  

5/21/2009 04:28:22 am

Gooby..because everybody needs a friend.
Um, I'll take a frenemy instead of that big scary bear, thank you.

5/21/2009 08:34:49 am

ok.. i have a few questions. Is this movie canadian? It seems to have been filmed in Canada. (the grocery store looks cdn.)
Is Eugene Levy down on his luck? did he owe someone a favour?
I've got nothin.

5/25/2009 09:28:15 pm


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