Longtime friend, freestyle rap opponent, and dixienguyen.com reader Stephen Hart just got his first short story published.  And it is effing awesome. 

Click here to read  "Reflections" by Stephen Hart.  Seriously, click over.   You won't regret it. 

Now, I love Steve's story, and I'm happy that he's being recognized for his writing, but I still have one little bone to pick.  

My bone to pick
:  Since his story came out two months before "Sophomore Undercover," Stephen Hart is now the first published writer from our high school class. 

So way to go Steve.  You've stolen my thunder yet again.  I suppose I should be used to this by now.

Things that Stephen Hart has stolen from me

1.  Literary glory. 
2.  The prestigious "Sonora High Most Inspirational Athlete" award.  (Author's note: I was ridiculously inspirationalNext to vertical leap, being inspirational was my strongest attribute as a basketball player)
3.  Heidi Chung in 7th grade. 

And though I'll never forgive him for stealing Heidi, I would like to present Stephen Hart with the third ever "dixienguyen.com person of the week" for writing excellence. 

Author's note:  That is Steve.  And yes, he is actually that adorable in real life. 

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1/5/2009 10:44:30 pm

Way to go Steve!

1/6/2009 01:59:41 am

Nice one Steve!

Congrats on the story being published!!!

1/6/2009 03:25:56 am

That was a really good story.
But does he have an award winning blog? :0)

1/6/2009 01:49:54 pm

Incredible! Steve the "Golden boy" Hart delivers the goods. Hitch your wagon to a star.

1/6/2009 09:47:24 pm

Congrats to Steve. But he's no Ben Esch.

1/6/2009 11:41:37 pm

booyah brothers! miss you both and super stoked to hear of your east coast/west coast ass-kicking writing.

lost it on the Heidi Chung comment.

Daniel J. Fitzgerald
1/7/2009 08:07:32 am

uhhh why was that story in "out and about" magazine? I didn't really read it, but from my skimming i couldn't find anything in there about homosexual issues or man on man love. do all gay magazines publish random stories or only out and about? I would really like to get published SOONER than later. does out and about have any joke sections? or ever focus on gay cats? i have a couple really good gay cat jokes.

Daniel J. Fitzgerald
1/7/2009 08:08:52 am

I read it a little closer. Now i understand! Great story!

1/7/2009 08:09:26 am

DJF did you miss this quote?

“Seth, you coming?” asked Benji over the phone. I passed the bottle of brandy to Luke and wiped my mouth with my forearm.


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