So, I wasn't expecting anything like this for a few months, but the first review for Sophomore Undercover was posted a few days ago by Alan Liu over at

Let's take a look: 

Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch.

Sophomore Undercover was so ridiculously stupid it was funny. The sophomore in the title, Dixie Nguyen (who by the end of the book ends up naked in front of the whole high school), somehow comes up with a conspiracy theory that involves methamphetamine, steroids, and other drugs, that are made in Canada and are imported to America under the cover of a respectable pharmaceutical company owned by an Eastern European (who thinks Dixie is a "homosheshual" and pregnant [he's a guy]), and that sells "cold medicine" to an albino high schooler, who then passes on the drugs to the high school football team, which, incidentally, never wins games anyway.

Also, the book really hammers home that fact that you shouldn't smoke in a large, paper-filled office.

Wow. Yeah. What can I say? What a crazy book. If you're feeling insane or just want a good laugh, take a look.

Wow...reading that review was surprisingly trippy.  I think I might need to lie down for a little bit.  

Anyway, bravo to Alan for a thoughtful review and for liking the book (Author's note: Well I'm pretty sure he liked it.  I mean, "so ridiculously stupid it's funny" is a compliment, right?  Dear god please let that be a compliment).

Alan's also got a ton of other really great reviews right here.  So, click on over and show the dude some love. 

12/8/2008 07:47:05 am

How did this 11 year old kid get a copy of your book? And did you notice that he liked your ridiculous book even more than Dave Barry's ridiculous book. High praise, my friend, high praise.

12/9/2008 01:32:22 am

ok... can i just say that i love that kid?
He's ridiculous. In a good way.

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