Hey readers

I'm gonna be talking at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend.

What:  Me and other people talking books.  Specifically, being a guy and writing books and/or writing books for guys.  Anyway, the panel is called "Boys Will Be Boys." 
When:  Saturday, April 24th at 1:00 PM
Where:  The YA Stage at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at UCLA. 

There are a few reasons you should check this out.  Let's start from the top: 

1.  You might get to meet Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm.  The chances are pretty small, but he's gonna be there to promote a book, so at least you'll be in the same general area as him.  Ahh, the glamor of Hollywood.   
2.  There is supposed to be an outstanding muffin buffet in the green room, and I'm bringing my backpack.  Translation: muffin buffet for everybody! 
3.  I'm going to be on a panel with the very talented Blake Nelson ("Paranoid Park"), Allen Zadoff ("Food, girls, and other things I can't have") and Andrew Smith ("In the path of falling objects"). 
4.  The name of our panel is "Boys Will Be Boys," which sounds a lot like a boy band. 
5.  I miss boy bands. 
6.  If the four of us were going to be a boy band, I would really like to be the "bad boy" one, though I'm afraid due to my body type, I will always be the "sexually non threatening Joey Fatone."  Jesus that's depressing. 
7.  Do any of you guys remember that show 2gether on MTV about the boy band and Chris Farley's brother played one of the guys?  That show was neat. 
9.  This is the first year that there's gonna be a YA stage at the LA Times book festival, so if you don't go, then we probably won't get a stage next year, and in your own small way, you will have set back the teen literacy movement.  No pressure, though. 
10.  I recently got a haircut.  I think it looks good.  Maybe you will too. 
11.  Uhh...John Green's gonna be there.  Just not on the YA stage.  He's gonna be in one of the auditoriums with the other fancy authors and you have to buy a ticket to hear him talk...and I think they sold out.  So, I guess this really doesn't affect you in any way.  But still, John Green has written some really fantastic books. 
12.  My panel's gonna be free though. 
13.  Does anybody who reads this blog actually live in LA?  Because as much as I think I'm gonna be brilliant at this thing, you really shouldn't drive more than five hours to see it.  That's just not realistic. 
14.  I'm over my cat sweater phase.  Seriously.  I'm gonna wear normal clothes like a normal person, I swear.  My shirt will have a collar and everything.  You won't be embarrassed by pictures of you and me, I promise. 
15.  I'm gonna be signing books afterwards.  The people from the festival were really specific that I was only supposed to sign books, but if you're cool and show up, I'll write something in your yearbook.  I WILL NOT sign body parts though.  This is a family friendly festival! 
16.  Here's the link to the festival so you can see all of the panels and stuff for yourself. 


If you can, come on out, and see the world debut of "Boys Will Be Boys."  It will be the most exciting thing happening in Los Angeles from 1 to 2 PM on a Saturday. 
4/26/2010 05:42:07 am

Sorry I missed it, Ben. Are you going to SCBWI this year? I'll be there.

4/26/2010 05:42:31 am

Sorry I missed it, Ben. Are you going to SCBWI this year? I'll be there.

4/26/2010 12:20:47 pm

I was there and you looked great in the green shirt, thank god you didn't wear a sweater because it was pretty sunny. Thanks for signing my book twice.

4/28/2010 09:44:17 am

Can you let us know when you will be attending a festival at which we can have body parts signed??


5/6/2010 08:51:12 am

omg i saw u at the la times festival of books and i heard u speak. i hadnt read ur book so i went out and bought it...it was amazing!!! i really loved it. i hope theres a sequel!
ps i think ur soo funny! u totally made my day :)

5/11/2010 08:16:45 am

when will you blog again?

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