Okay, so I'm not gonna post every review of "Sophomore Undercover" on this blog (author's note: you know, unless they're particularly nice or whatever) but longtime benjaminesch.com reader, blogger extraordinaire, and all around good-guy Paul Michael Murphy just posted a really cool review of "Sophomore Undercover" on his blog

The review is here.   Give it a look. 

Oh, and I'd like you guys to pay particular attention to the "I laughed so hard I involuntarily farted" line.   It's always been one of my goals as a writer to make somebody do that.  So...I guess I get to cross that one off my bucket list.   

3/3/2009 09:04:30 am

I'm commenting because it's a blow to my fragile ego to have zero comments on this post.

Daniel Nicholas-Brown
3/3/2009 10:52:50 am


3/3/2009 11:06:09 am

OK, Ben. I finally finished the last Harry Potter. I excited start your book tomorrow! I just hope I can read it in a gas-free manner.
And my husband calls that a Laughart by the way.

3/3/2009 07:34:25 pm

Oh, Paul Michael Murphy...... thats because i went to your blog,and commented there......
sheesh.. you YA novelists are so frickin sensitive.

3/20/2012 07:05:07 pm

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