Let me start this off by saying that you guys don’t deserve Sal and Einar. 


That’s how many people have seen episode #1 of the Sal and Einar show.  That’s a whopping 26 view count increase since I asked everyone to check out the video last week.  And this is all making me feel pretty self-conscious about the power of my celebrity.  

(Author’s note:  you know, If John Green asked his readers to go check out a video, they would literally crash the internet to do his bidding.  I’m just saying.) 

And do you know what else?  Goddamn “Old Spanish Lady Dancing” has had like 900 more views in the past week.  That’s 30 times more hits in the past week than Sal and Einar. 

This leads me to the uncomfortable conclusion that many of my readers have neglected the Sal and Einar video to watch “Old Spanish Lady Dancing.”  Which is pretty much exactly the opposite of what I asked you guys to do. 

So, just to be clear, here’s what I want you to do: 

I want you to watch the Sal and Einar show. 

And even though you haven’t earned this, I want you to watch episode two.  And then I want you to think about what you’ve done. 

Really think about it. 


Now you are ready for the second episode of the Sal and Einar show. 


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