Hey readers,

I think I mentioned that I'm up in my home town of Sonora doing some promotional type stuff for the book release party on Saturday. 

So far, the promotional type stuff has been a three pronged attack: 

The Three Prongs of the Publicity Attack: 

1.  My parents call their friends and tell them to buy my book (author's note: so far, this has by far been the sharpest of the prongs). 

2.  School visits (author's note: and as of yet, none of the kids have made fun of my sweaters.  And that has been an unexpected, and pleasant surprise). 

3.  Local media. 

Sonora is a pretty small town, so there's not a whole lot of media.  But what our media lacks in numbers they make up for in for sheer ferocity and hard hittingness.
As an example, I would like to direct your attention to an article that was written about me in the Sierra Mountain Times.  The article is here

A couple of notes about the article: 

1.  This thing is LONG.  Like, get an extra cup of tea and make sure you're sitting somewhere comfortable type long.  If you're interested in me, this is quite possibly a good thing.  If you're not interested in me...well, then you're probably on the wrong website. 

2.  I used to play basketball in elementary school against the guy who wrote this article.  And I think that's neat. 

3.  The Sierra Mountain Times is a really cool newspaper, and I think they did a great job with the story.  And that's not just because they were writing about me...well, maybe it's a little bit about that.  Either way, you should check out the article. 

not daniel
3/25/2009 02:44:26 am

ben, that article is really long. i really thought you did a good job posing for the pictures. my favorite picture was the one of you looking up while reading the book. I also liked the picture of you in front of the steps and the one of you in front of the trees. great article!

-was the article about all the fun places you like to read SU?

3/25/2009 02:45:26 am

hey ben! people miss you!

3/25/2009 06:33:00 am

For what it's worth, my mom requested that I pass along my copy of SU when I finished it because she reads my blog and, of course, just had to read it after reading my review.

I told her to buy her own copy. And now that I've shipped the book off and only have the boxed one remaining, she's got no choice.

Well, except for libraries, I guess.

Question--do you read from your book at the school visits and, if so, what part do you read? (Please say the bar scene.)

3/25/2009 12:29:48 pm

awesome interview, Ben Esch. Not too long at all. and very interesting.

3/27/2009 09:35:02 am

Very cool interview! Your hometown is proud of you, Ben!

6/21/2011 03:28:25 pm

They plan to immigrate to Finland next year

1/18/2012 03:39:17 pm

i am glad to you share your blogs. thay are very beautifull. thank you.


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