Hey readers,

So this is going to be a blog where I thank people.  Just so that you're ready for that. 

Okay, first of all, the release party in Los Angeles happened, and it went way better than I expected.  I don't know, maybe I have low self esteem about parties or whatever, but I always kind of assume that nobody is going to come when I set up a party type situation. 

I'm thinking this all stems back to my birthday party in seventh grade where 1 of the 15 invited guests showed up.  I'm guessing you think that was pretty sad, and you know what?   You're  right.  It was exactly that sad. 

Author's note:   a big thanks to Jason Tufts for showing up to my birthday party.  It would have been pretty depressing to drink that twenty four pack of Mountain Dew by myself.

Well, the reading on Saturday  went quite a bit better than my 12th birthday party. 

In fact, we got a pretty sizable crowd to show up, and that was awesome on many levels. 

And here are some pictures to prove that. 

This is me reading.  It's a bit more exciting in real life. 

And here are people listening to me reading.  Also, big ups to Daniel "Montgomery" Wilson for the fine picture taking. 

Here's where the thank yous start. 

1.  A big thank you to Stories for letting me read and sign books.  For any of you who live in the Echo Park area, this is a really cool spot to hang out and buy books and rock a muffin or grilled cheese.  Just keep that in mind if you're in the area. 

2.  A super huge thank you to all my friends for coming out to the release party. 

3.  An extra large to largish thank you to Deborah Bass for publicist excellence and cookie baking skills. 

4.  And a husky sized thank you to Paula Yoo for blogging about the release party. 

Paula's blog is here

And in case you're wondering if that's the same Paula Yoo who wrote the very fantastic novel Good Enough and also played the violin on an episode of the "The Two Coreys" and along with her brother David, forms half of the greatest sibling literary tandem in all of young adult fiction? 

Yes, it's totally that Paula Yoo.  

4/7/2009 12:38:56 am

Ben, i totally empathize with you about your grade 7 party, and i think you should feel vindicated now. You seriously rock!!!! How cool was it, to stand up in front of people and read stuff that you actually wrote? Man. You are my idol. I mean, read in front of people, and them choosing to stay there and listen? Wow. only in my wildest dreams...

4/7/2009 05:08:17 am

Congrats on another successful party! But where's the colorful sweater? I wonder if there is a fashion law against them in LA...poor LA.

7/31/2011 04:36:24 pm

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