Author's note:  somebody took the video down.  Apparently the makers of "Best of the Best" are trolling struggling websites for struggling children's writers to make sure nobody is infringing on their intellectual property.  Though, to be fair, whoever directed "Best of the Best" probably has a fair amount of free time on their hands at this point. 

So, until I can post something better, I just want you to stare at the youtube box below, and imagine a bunch of sweaty guys doing bar dips...and the late Chris Penn really struggling to lift his leg for the karate kicks.  Seriously, how the hell did that guy get cast in a martial arts movie?
End of author's note. 

Just for the hell of it. 

Wow...I never realized just how homoerotic this movie was.  I guess you miss a lot of a film's subtext when you're seven. 

2/25/2011 03:29:19 pm

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