Hey readers,

I offered free books, and it took a little prodding, but eventually one hundred of you responded. 

This is especially neat, since that's about ninety five more people than I thought read my blog. 

And though I'm positively giddy about the response to "Sophomore Undercover," we've run into a wee bit of a problem. 

The wee bit of a problem:  We only had a hundred books to give away. 

So, the free book promotion is closed.  If you didn't send me an email for your copy of "Sophomore Undercover," you're gonna have to wait and buy it in the store like everybody else.   Don't say i didn't warn you about this. 

I realize this is difficult news for some of you, but hopefully this video will help cheer you up: 

Author's note:  wait...the muppets were supposed to be monsters?   Was Big Bird a monster, too?  This is all very confusing to me. 

Still feeling blue? 

Author's note:  I wonder how many books I have to sell before I get asked to do a "Yo Gabba Gabba" dance cameo.  Because I would totally be into that. 

See?  The world's not such a bad place, after all. 

Now be sure and put in your advance order for "Sophomore Undercover" today so you can beat the crowds at the bookstores.  While you're at it, why not order two?  That's approximately twice as good as one.  

1/15/2009 09:34:17 am

I think this reaffirms a fundamental truth about blogging: free stuff = increased page views.

You should give away something every month. Maybe an old keychain (I've got lots if you need some) or a coffee mug (like Tom Snyder!)

Know this: If it works for you, I'm stealing back my own idea.

Tony Fraguero
1/15/2009 11:48:57 am

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1/15/2009 04:25:34 pm

Paul: I think giving away free stuff is a great idea. So great, in fact, that I think that we can both use it on our respective blogs. Maybe we can even do a cross promotional item that we're both attached to...like a signed baseball or something. Okay, that idea sucks, but we're still in the planning stages on this.

Tony: Hey! Welcome to the website. I think there was a little snag with whatever the hell it is that you were trying to post, but I appreciate the effort nevertheless.

Tony Fraguero
1/15/2009 05:06:57 pm

embedding weirdness. that clip made me think of this.


1/16/2009 12:02:56 am

what will ben give away next? beard trimmings? 30 packs of gym socks? outback steak house gift cards? soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

1/16/2009 03:01:32 am

oh god, oh god, if it's beard trimmings i just might pee myself

1/16/2009 03:51:03 am

Gym socks aren't a bad idea. EVERYBODY wears socks!
The freebie thing is a good idea...that is very generous, I didn't realize you gave away a HUNDRED books! Wow!
Regarding the video clips, the Muppets are cool, especially in the Weezer Keep Fishin video. Yo Gabba Gabba-not so much. Even my four year old makes fun of it...

1/16/2009 04:19:41 am

Tony: Awesome video link. Thanks for sending that in.

WWWWW (and more W's): I don't want to give out any beard trimmings because of potential voodoo doll concerns, but I can definitely get behind the Outback Steakhouse thing. That place is delicious. The waiters get a little more chummy than I would like, but you can't go wrong with the Alice Springs chicken.

Chris: See above re: beard trimmings/voodoo doll concerns.

Kelly: Wait...Yo Gabba Gabba isn't cool? But...Elijah Wood is dancing with muppets. Wow...if that's not cool I just don't know what's what in this world, anymore.


1/16/2009 05:22:10 am

no beard trimmings? well, then www.benjaminesch.com is officially the place where hope and hapiness goes to die.

1/16/2009 09:55:45 am

Chris: Dude, it's really nothing personal...I'm just kinda sensitive about voodoo dolls.



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