A lot of people have asked me what I was like as a kid. 

I think this video about sums it up: 

Author's note:  I would trade it all--the book contract, the fame, the tens of loyal fans, everything--to be able to dunk like this kid.  

I found this video over at Club Trillion.  Remember a few days ago how I said With Leather was the funniest sports blog in the universe?  Club Trillion might be better.

12/19/2008 10:34:21 pm

Thanks for the link. I started reading and couldn't stop until I'd read all the archives. I can now replace Fennis Dembo on my all-time favorite bench warmer list.

12/20/2008 01:10:25 am

Club Trillion is amazing, isn't it? My favorite bench warmer is (and always will be) Lawrence Funderburke. If only because I got to scream "Can you feel the Funder" whenever he got into the game.

I miss the late nineties Kings.

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